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Iran Visa regulation for British passport holders

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Currently UK, passport holders are not able to obtain an independent travel visa for Iran. To secure a visa, UK passport holders need to  travel as part of an escorted tour group, or have an ‘official’ guide (this means not Iranian friends or work colleagues) during their entire stay in Iran. The itinerary needs to be pre-arranged, hotels pre-booked and paid for in advance. 
There are two exceptions to UK passport holders:

1. If the individual is not of ‘English’  origin for example Iraqi or Afghan born), you  can still obtain an independent travel visa with no  restrictions, as long as you  are able to provide details  of a host in Iran. In this case, the procedure and details below still apply.

2.  If you are a British man  married to an Iranian woman,  and able to provide a marriage certificate, then  we can obtain a visa as per below. If you are an British woman, married to an Iranian man, you can only travel on an Iranian passport & we are not able to  assist.

UK passport holders cannot collect the visa stamp on arrival at the airport in Iran, so the visa has to be stamped in in advance. 

The Iranian Consulate in London is now open and able to issue visa stamps. You can therefore ask for the visa permit to be sent for collection at the Iranian Consulate in London.

Please note UK passport holders are required to provide finger prints in order to collect the visa stamp. Thankfully finger prints are required only on the occasion of the first visit & subsequently not needed, as the consulate retain the records.

Also you can collect your visa at any Iranian Consulate anywhere around the world, as long as you specify which Consulate at the time of application.

The visa process is in two distinct parts. First you have to obtain the visa permit, which can only be issued by the Foreign Ministry in Iran. This process can take around two weeks from the time we receive your application.

Most other nationalities can send someone else on their behalf to collect the visa stamp.

You will need to take the visa reference number to the Iranian Consulate specified in your application together with your passport, photos completed Visa Application form and visa stamp fees in cash only, in order to have the visa stamped in.

This can take anything from one  day to four weeks, depending on whether you attend in person or send someone else on your behalf, on  public holidays, or on the particular consulate you attend, as they have different response times depending on how busy or how large they are.
The Visa Stamp fees vary according to your nationality and are currently around £170 for British passport holders for tourist visas and £220 for business visas (May 2017).

To apply for an Iranian visa please complete → Iranian Visa Application Form
and submit it online.

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