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The Iranian visa process is in two parts:

First, one has to obtain a visa permit from the Foreign Ministry (FM). This is the only ‘authority’ with the power to issue Iranian visas. It is a centralized process, thus all applications must be approved solely by visa section of FM. Once the visa application is approved, a visa permit number will be issued for you. This process can take around 2 weeks.

The second part is to visit an Iranian Consulate (appointed at the start of the process) armed with the visa permit number, in order to have the visa stamped in the passport. This cannot be done by post and can take anything from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Details of the Visa process

  1. UK (as well as USA & Canadian) passport holders do not have the option of getting a ‘visa on arrival’ – they are required to have the visa stamped in their passport in advance.
  1.  The Iranian Consulate in London is  now open and able to issue visa stamps. You can therefore ask for the visa permit to be sent for collection at the Iranian Consulate in London.

  2. Please note UK passport holders are required to  provide finger prints in order to collect the visa stamp. Thankfully finger prints are required only on the occasion of the first visit & subsequently not needed, as the consulate retain the records.

  3. You can also collect the visa stamp in person, for example in Dublin, Paris, Istanbul or any city of your choice, with an Iranian Consulate. Please note Consulates in Paris & Dublin have specific requirements such as providing finger prints & travel insurance. Visa stamp collection is often not possible on the same day unless you pay an extra 50% fee on the visa stamp fees & the staff have the time to accommodate your request.

  4. Once the visa permit is issued, it is valid for collection within 1 month. Once you have it stamped into your passport, you have 3 months to enter Iran. The visa duration is for a maximum  of 30 days stay in Iran.

  5. The first step in the process is to ask your hosts to lodge an application on your behalf.In order to do this, please print & complete in black ink, this form: “UK Business Visa Through Iranian Host“.

    Please check an example of an already completed form here.You also require a clear color scan of the photo page of your passport.

  6. The usual time frame for the visa permit to be approved by the FM is 10 working days. There are a great deal of public holidays in Iran which can delay the process.

  7. Please check public holidays in Iran list of Iranian holidays.

  8. Once the visa permit is issued (a 7 digit number starting with 12…) the FM staff will email your hosts to advise them. Your hosts can then forward the visa permit number to you. You are now in a position to have the visa stamped into your passport. We can assist you at this point.

  9. You will need 2 standard passport photos with a white background.

  10. You will also need your passport and the visa application form completed in black ink. Please see Page 1 and Page 2 for an already completed form  for your guidance.

  11. In order to use our courier service, once we discuss and agree the time frame, we will ask you to send by ‘signed for’ next day  post, or deliver in person, your passport, two photos & completed visa application form, to our couriers who will handle getting the visa stamped into your passport.

  12. We will ask you to include a cover letter (this will be sent to you separately) to state Magic Carpet Travel Ltd, requested that you send your listed documents.You will be asked to include your visa permit number & a contact number.

  13. The cost of our courier service is £350 per passport, for which our courier will take your passport to the Iranian Consulate to get the visa stamped in. We will  make an appointment during the week at 1:45 pm for you to  come in and meet our representative, who  will assist you with the process of providing your finger prints.

    This will  take about one hour. Then depending on the service you have requested we will either arrange for your passport to be sent to you shortly or maybe able to collect it on the spot. The cost excludes visa stamp fees, which varies according to nationality. Currently (May 2017) the ‘work visa’ stamp fees for UK passports is £270. Total cost is £570.

  14. We accept payment by bank transfer or Credit /Debit cards. You can find full details on Payment.

  15. It takes 2 weeks from the time we receive your passport and documents to have the visa stamped into your passport.

  16. We offer an Express Service – we guarantee to return your stamped passport within 5 working days of the receipt of your documents. There is a surcharge of 50% for this service – total cost is £855.

  17. Should you require your passport to be stamped in the same working day, we are pleased to offer a ‘next day service’.

    Please call us on 01344 622 832 if you would liketo discuss your individual requirements, before you start the visa process.